Digitization is a weapon of humankind against the Covid-19, which originated back in Nov 2019 in China. It is a quite tricky question to ask how digitization helps inefficiency of crisis
management. Does digitization help? Is it a blessing or a curse?

Curse, talking in a sense the lack of knowledge of people about the digital world. Blessing, the digitization of industries in India accelerates work efficiency and saves much time wasted on trivial details.

Back in the days when demonetisation and digitization were criticised. Somehow, we had to adapt to the drastic change to stay safe and survive.

On the contrary, people were claiming lack of knowledge on the digital platform. Now that they are forced to learn as if their life depended on it, which is also true, they cannot make an issue or complain about the hard comings of digital interfaces.

There are different levels at which digitization helps to boost the productivity of any sector. From households to all types of industries including the healthcare & pharma industry.

Healthcare is a salient sector of India, which cannot be simply interfered with but has to be thoroughly researched before making a hasty decision. There is always an argument that never gets old “Google is not a doctor”; However, that statement is accurate. We cannot forego something that has to feed its servers with the exact information that the doctors barely keep in mind. Does how exactly digitization improve the productivity of the healthcare industry? One of the few things is an examination of a remote patient, which is also applied to a COVID-19 infected patient in his preliminary stages. Even the doctors insist that patients who have less serious problems should avoid hospital visits and can opt for remote consultation.

Spending more on a research and development centre exclusively on digitizing medical technology can make a drastic change to the current state of the healthcare industry.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, especially for the sales & marketing department, digitization has been an incredible blessing as it allows them to do the sales and get reports of medical representatives without any physical interaction, making it contact-less working. Else, it is a hassle to report daily with one to one interaction physically risking your life.

However, the usefulness of this not only lies on daily reporting but also on a broader
aspects. The sales team, marketing team & field sales team started handling their work on a digital platform. Medical representatives reporting is being done online with applications like Sefmed: MR Reporting Software also known as sales force automation software. Along with the reporting it comes with other features also which make the work of sales admin and sales team easy without much or any physical interactions & meetings.
Sales force automation of pharma sales force enables the sales admins to perform the core task including planning, scheduling, reporting etc on a single platform.

Digitization surely has given a lot to the pharmaceutical industry to strive and thrive in this pandemic situation.

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